Technical Analysis PDF on Trends, Support and Resistance

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This Technical Analysis pdf includes:

TRADING WITH THE TREND, Upward trends, Downward trends, Sideways trends, Long-Term Trend, Intermediate Trend, Short-Term Trend, Aligning Trend Time-frames, Support and Resistance, Diagonal Support and Resistance,

Technical Analysis pdf on Trends, Support & Resistance

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Excerpts From The Book

Stocks are rising. Stocks are falling. If you watch or read financial news reports, you have seen or read people talking about stocks moving up and down. Of course, it is not the stocks themselves that are moving up and down but rather the prices of those stocks that are moving up and down. Stock prices change daily. Your job as a stock or CFD trader is to learn to identify where the price is going to go next. Stock and CFD traders keep track of where stock prices have been in the past using stock price charts.

By keeping track of where stock prices have gone, stock and CFD traders are able to more accurately project where stock prices are going to go in the future.

This process of analysing past stock prices to determine future stock price movement is called technical analysis. Technical analysis, or chart reading, is the next natural step you can take after you have conducted your fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis helps you determine whether you should buy or sell a particular stock or CFD. Technical analysis helps you determine when you should buy or sell that stock or CFD.

Technical analysis is considered by most traders to be somewhat of an art form that takes time and practice to master. You should start out today on the path to becoming an accomplished technical analyst by learning the following foundational concepts of technical analysis:

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